Charging the ReVIVE RESTORE SL5000 with solar power

Solar Charging Tips:

  1. Before using the solar charging function, please cycle the internal battery of the ReVIVE RESTORE SL5000 with AC power.
  2. To exercise, use the attached USB cable and plug the ReVIVE RESTORE SL5000 into a USB port for 8 hours to give it a full charge.
  3. Once fully charged, drain the power from the ReVIVE RESTORE SL5000 by plugging in a device to the USB port on the ReVIVE RESTORE SL5000.
  4. Repeat this until the battery life in the SL5000 is fully drained, then recharge it to full power again with AC power.
  5. For best results, repeat this exercise cycle 4-6 times.

Once you have properly cycled the internal battery with AC power, feel free to charge the ReVIVE RESTORE SL5000 by placing it into direct sunlight.

  1. Leave the ReVIVE RESTORE SL5000 in direct sunlight for 25-30 hours for a full charge from solar power.
  2. Before removing from direct sunlight, check the power level by pressing the test light button on the side.
  3. When all 4 LED indicators lights are lit, the internal battery is fully charged.

Please contact customer service if you require further assistance.