Solar Restore is not providing enough power during solar charging


  • For first use, please fully charge and fully drain the internal battery of Solar Restore by means of USB or AC power. This will exercise the 1500mAh internal battery.
    • Does the internal battery receive a full charge when plugged in?
  • The Solar Restore is not an active solar charger. You should charge up its internal battery first, then after a few hours in the sunlight, just connect your mobile device and begin to charge.
    • After a few hours of charge does the Solar Restore provide power to a plugged in device?
  • Please make sure that the POWER SWITCH is turned to OFF when charging the battery pack by solar power.
    • Does the Solar Restore receive a charge when the switch is in the OFF position?
  • The Solar Restore should be left in DIRECT SUNLIGHT(some windows can block solar rays) for 6 hours. This will fill the internal battery enough to give your smart phone a 40% - 50% power boost. To fully charge the Solar Restore, please connect it to USB or AC power for around 5 hours for a full charge.
    • Does the Solar Restore operate as indicated above?
  • The Solar Restore can only received a 50% charge to it's internal battery via charge from a solar source, for 100% charge of the internal battery, please plug the Solar Restore into a AC power source.
    • Does the Solar Restore receive a 50% charge from solar power and a 100% charge from AC power?

Please contact the retailer or manufacturer for assistance if the above steps do not solve the problem.