When plugged in the ReVIVE ENERGDOCK will not charge

  • Make sure the Mini USB cable is fully inserted into the ReVIVE ENERGDOCK and 2.0 USB power source.
    • Remove the cable and reinsert into the USB port, does this solve the problem?
  • Try plugging the Mini USB cable into a different 2.0 USB power source (different usb port) or directly into the tablets OEM USB AC adapter.
    • Does switching to a different USB port solve the problem?
  • If possible, try plugging in a different Mini USB cord into the ReVIVE ENERGDOCK.
    • Do you have another Mini USB cable available, if so does it work when plugged into the ReVIVE ENERGDOCK?
  • When the dock is charging, the orange LED will be on and the blue LED's will be flashing.
    • Do the LED lights flash as indicated when it is plugged in to charge?
  • If the tablet is connected to the ReVIVE ENERGDOCK, power will first be transferred to the tablet to charge first. Once the tablet is fully charged power will then be transferred to the ReVIVE ENERGDOCK.
    • Does the ReVIVE ENERGDOCK operate in this manner?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.